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"This is the second project I have awarded to Lakshmi. On both projects, she successfully grasped complex issues and simplified them into easy-to-read and understandable well-written user guides. It is a pleasure to work with Lakshmi and I very much appreciate her "can-do" approach. I look forward to continuing to work with her and her team on future projects."


User Guides

We understand the importance of communicating the greatness and usage of your products and services to the targeted customers. Accordingly, we build effective user manuals and guides for any complex and advanced products and services.

As one of the top technical writers on Elance and Upwork, we have had the opportunity of a great exposure and experience of writing user guides, online help, training manuals, process guides, installation guides, help guides, tutorials, white papers and video tutorials.

We have worked on many critical processes, software, technologies, dashboards, web related control panels and written user manuals and online help. We have the proficiency, experience, and skills to write all types of technical manuals from simple user manuals / guides ideal for first time users to highly technical administrative guides ideal for the use of internal staff.

The advantage of hiring us is that we use intuitive and well formatted screenshots and include tips, tricks and examples wherever necessary besides giving utmost priority for quality work, with emphasis on grammar, uniqueness, good layout, design and format. Our manuals are highly effective, organized, readable, accurate, simple and helpful to the targeted customers.

Tools we are experts in:

Adobe Robohelp
Dr Explain
Google Docs
Help Console
Help Juice
Help Support
Madcap Flare
Microsoft Office
Sand Castle
Zoho Docs
Recent Projects -User Manuals, Guides, Web Help and Online Help

RapidABC– Online help in Zendesk for cloud based financial management.

Vansah– WordPress based online help for a testing application.

MillinPro+ User Manual for web based medical billing and claims management application.

FontisInternational– Online Help in Zendesk for a Web-based Retention Policy Authoring & Distribution System.

LabExpert– Help and Manual documentation on the leading complaint and secure document management system.

BFlowMedical– Online Help for enterprise platform of electronic medical records and claims.

Evento– User guide for Facebook based Events Management System.

R3Connection– A ScreenSteps guide for a web based renewables’ workflow platform.

Facebook PMS– Online Help in Zendesk for a Facebook based Property Management System.

EDocOrganizer– Help and Manual documentation on document management application.

HarborTouch– A ScreenSteps Guide for a web based POS system for managing reservations online.

TBX– Quick Guide for a complete platform managing time and expenses of employees anywhere, anytime.

Weather Manual– A product guide on Weather Manual with illustrations.

Google User Guides– A series of guides on all Google products.

WP Apps Guide– A user guide on Word Press based site management application.

WebCams Manual– A user guide on Web Cams.

Expense Management– A user manual on personal expense management.

Uservoice Knowledgebase– An online help and knowledgebase made in Uservoice.

RiskView Management– A Help and Manual guide on enterprise risk assessment and management.

Client Balance– A user guide on client balance management.

Lit I View– A Help and Manual work on Enterprise E-Discovery Solution from EBIC.

ERP Tank– An online help and guide for ERP system.

PeopleTools– Training guide on Oracle PeopleSoft PeopleTools.

PeopleSoft Product Series– Training Guides for a series of PeopleSoft Products such as PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management 9.1, PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.1, PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources Management System 9.1, PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 9.1 , PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal Solutions 9.1, PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management 9.1 and Campus Solutions.

Crowdvox– Wiki based Help for a CMS based advance backend system for managing Paid Listing services.

EducationKonnect– User manual, documentation and online help for a cloud based K-12 application.

ChattyApps– A robohelp based documentation for creating and customizing mobile applications.

Doogma- Installation and User Guide for an online CSS based application for the customization of product before placing order.

XcellPlanner– Getting Started Guide for a .NET based web solution that is installed on client- server environment (SQL Server).

Joomla User Guide– A complete guide on Joomla CMS covering all intricate aspects with intuitive screenshots.

SharePoint User Guide– A step by step how to guide on SharePoint 2010 with screenshots.

Nine10 Software Guide– A technical documentation of an online content management system.

InformationSafe– 3 guides (Getting Started, User and Administrator) for an online application to organize, protect and manage the vast array of information of modern life.

Reach1to1– Online Robohelp documentation on sales dashboard involving CRM.

B2B Web Store– Online Help and FAQs for a Web Store and shopping cart.

RealEstate Help– Complete help and FAQs using Robohelp.

UnlimitedSolarERP– Technical documentation of online ERP tool for managing Solar based systems.

ERP Manual– A set of 9 manuals for various PeopleSoft applications.

VoxOx – Getting started and user guides for online (skype type) conferencing application.

EfficientPPC– Documentation for web based PPC tracking and managing application.

Acsellerate– Robohelp documentation for sales dashboard.

daco– Help and Manual 5 based web help for a .net based hospitality solutions.

Ezclaim– User guide for appointment scheduling system for hospitals and doctors.

APX– User Manual for POS based assortment planning application

PSA Scorecard– Help documentation for online tool for managing and operating professional service companies.


Nauna– Robohelp based online help for an African based social networking site.

Common features of our manuals include:

  • Professional layout, consistent format and design
  • Highly organized flow of content -stepwise
  • Annotated Screenshots and Illustrations wherever necessary
  • Conversational style in one to one format
  • Tips and tricks
  • Linked Table of Contents
  • Examples

Documentation Tasks we are experts in:

  • Online Help
  • Web Help
  • User Manuals
  • Ebooks
  • Blogs
  • User Guides
  • Audio & Video Transcriptions
  • Getting Started Manual
  • Installation Guide
  • Admin Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • White Paper
  • FAQ
  • Training Manual
  • Trainer's Guide
  • Test Documents
  • Release Notes
  • Tech Reports
  • API Guides
  • Test Templates
  • Test Specifications
  • Software Specification Requirements (SRS) Documents

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